Paracas & Nazca


The sand deserts of Ica reveal treasures of ancestral civilizations, such as the famous Nazca lines, carefully drawn in the sand and only visible from the air. On the other hand, the Paracas National Reserve, which includes the Ballestas Islands, with an incredible ecosystem, home of the most magnificent marine life. Short distance away are the cities of Ica and Pisco, wine center and home of the Peruvian national drink: Pisco Sour.

Main Attractions

General Information

Altitude max:
3.796 MAMSL (San Pedro de Huacarpan)

Altitude min:
2 MAMSL (Paracas)


Hot and sunnyMaximum: 90°F / 32°C. Minimum:  48°F / 9°C

Access Routes:

Por land: Lima – Paracas: 250 km / 156 miles (3 hours)

Lima – Nazca: 443 km / 275 miles (6 hours)