The city among clouds


Is a city in the north of Peru, located in the mountains, far from the Peruvian coast at a height of 2,235 meters. Chachapoyas comes from the native word sachapuyos that means ‘men of the fog’, attributed this name by the dense fog that usually covers the hill of Puma Urco, which is in the vicinity of the city.

Main Attractions

General Information

Altitude maximum:
3.450 MAMSL (District of Chuquibamba, province of Chachapoyas)

Altitude minimum:
23O MAMSL (District of Nieva)


Template and Rainy in summer (from December to April)

Máxima: 23ºC / 68ºF. Mínima: 10ºC / 50°F


Access Routes:
By Land: Lima – Chiclayo – Chachapoyas: 1,409 kms / 876 millas (21 hours)

By Air: New flight to Jaen